Monday, January 4, 2010

What Are Your New Years' Resolutions?

Every year, I kind of sort of make new years resolutions. Well . . . maybe not so much. I always think about what I might like for my new goals or plans for the next year would be, but I never really focus on anything in particular and I most often never reach any goals. :)

This year, I have decided to MAKE MYSELF have a regular visit-to-the-gym schedule. Notice I said "visit-to-the-gym" because sometimes I can go and just visit with my friends, right? LOL Nah, I like to go by myself early in the mornings after Neeley goes to school and just be there and doing what I want to do. So refreshing! So yes, I am going to map out an exercise plan.

I am also vowing to eat better, have more healthy options at home. When it was just Neeley and I for a while, I didn't have quite so many issues with that but get us all three together, and hhhmmmm . . . LOL Also, we don't really have as many healthy options over here. Butter is yellow-tinted lard and the cheese is full-fat of course. :) So that would be my #2 goal...

#3 is to get out and about more with my fellow military wives and to get involved in good-for-me things. I am hoping to be able to start going to the Bible studies with the chapel ladies and to take advantage of other community gatherings we have. I just have a difficult time juggling everything.

#4 is to be a better student and to have a better attitude towards my schooling. Have I mentioned yet that my new semester started yesterday? Bleck.....oh wait, thinking positively...very excited! I've actually already completed two papers and the semester is just beginning. Come on, February 25th!

Five would be to not be so lackadaisical about my commitments at Neeley's school. I sign up for volunteering things and then I sub some and then sometimes I run away from both. Terrible, I least I can admit it.

I also vow to really enjoy the lazy days with my cute lil family. We have had so much tv time and just being together time that I think some days we don't know what to do with ourselves. I really do try to just go with the flow and to enjoy these moments, but some days it makes me feel like I'm not truly taking advantage of all that Germany has to offer. Have I mentioned I'm ready to move to the beach? Geesh...this Germany weather!!

I am hoping to also start journaling again. I used to and then this sort of became my journal. I LOVE it! Very good for the soul. Speaking of this being my journal, I am getting ready to order my bound 2009 blog copy. Yay! I never even knew there was such until a little while ago. I've got it all made online, it's just waiting for me to click on that "Continue to Checkout" button. That must wait for just a bit though.

I also want to get involved in our local Book Club. Yes, I LOVE being a bookworm. I love that I am only taking 2 classes this semester so I am not feeling so overwhelmed like I did last semester. I hope to fill every waking moment with positive encouraging heart healthy activities.

Cherishing every moment we have here on this earth would be my ultimate goal in all of these. I really don't do that enough...

All of that with a bottomless mug of good ol' German coffee and something yummy from Sehne Bakery should keep me going for the next year!! Let's see what I can get myself in to this year. :)

How 'bout you???

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