Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies, Get Your Girl Scout Cookies!!

We spent all weekend saying various versions of that phrase . . .

Selling the cookies is not my favorite part of it all. Instead, I like taste-testing all of them. Oh wait, what I really meant to say was I REALLY enjoy eating them by the case. And with a good cup of coffee. Yumm-o!! Momma's gotta have her some cookies, and I might share with my lil scout!!

Our Girl Scouts have such attitude . . .

But in a good way! They were so well behaved during our booth sales this weekend. We were at the CX and the PX and they never tired of trying to get these darn cookies sold. They were really working on learning how to count back change and work on memorizing the flavors and the prices. Very cute indeed! Our profits are going towards our end of the year camping trip and towards a troop trip to Sensapolis, a very fun place here kind of similar to Mid-America Museum. We are all very excited about those two.

What was your weekend like? We have another busy week and another busy weekend ahead. Hopefully one of these days I can step back and take a few minutes to just breathe.

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