Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Week Gone By . . .

Where did this past week go? Let's see . . . Ronnie left for his school, I have subbed a couple of days, we have cleaned, and played and watched some good shows on tv, and read and vegged but been extra busy all at the same time. We have to fill our time until the Mr. comes back home.

Neeley has been spending a lot of time doing this . . .

Chatting on Skype with one of her besties, Caroline, from Arkansas. I LOVE that she enjoys spending time on her computer on the couch for now because in a few very short years - I do have years, right? - she will want to be all holed up in her room with the door closed and locked. For now, we spend time together and we really enjoy each other's company.

We plan to spend the rest of this Saturday doing more of this, and reading, playing board games, catching up on our tv shows, and a nap may even be in the plans. Our snow is finally melting but it is still way, way too cold to get out and enjoy doing anything outside. I cannot wait for it to warm up a bit so we can get out and get some fresh air. That and I want to detail our car too before the salt on the streets renders it a rusty mess.

How are you spending your Saturday?

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Mike and Elaine said...

Part of our day the last 3 Saturdays has been watching Tristin play basketball in the Sheridan Upward program. He's been the top scorer in all 3 games! It's been fun. Sounds like we're not going to have a violin player in the family but that's okay too - eventually she'll find something she really enjoys and stay with it. Maybe a little computer geek - oh well, she gets that naturally since her Dad loves them too. Stay in, eat lots of fattening German food, and watch the snow melt. It's another 60 degree day here. We're loving it!