Thursday, January 14, 2010

And The Rest Of The Story . . . (IMG Heavy)

Oh my!! We had a ton of fun in the snow at Garmisch. Neeley attended the full Saturday Just For Kids Ski School and had a blast! Look how cute she and all the little School kids were out there!

We enjoyed some time in the Ski Lodge . . . it too was beautiful and so neat and cozy with the best restaurant ever. We all tried weinerschnitzel for the first time there and it was yummy!

When Ski School started bright and early Saturday morning, we all headed outside but not before bundling up . . . was so cold out there!! We each had 4 pairs of pants on, 4 shirts on, a heavy ski coat, 4 pairs of socks, our boots, and multiple pairs of gloves and scarves, earmuffs, hats and you name it. And I'm not sure about the other two, but I was so over the snow by 4 pm. :)

We were so fortunate to be there in Garmisch at the same time as some good friends so Ronnie went with them to snowboard for the first time. There he is on the right, board in hand, marching to his death. Kidding! I was so worried about them but I really enjoyed spending time with Neeley and the kiddos in the school. That and I could run in to the lodge at any time and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate whenever I wanted to. :)

I do believe Ronnie spent most of the day looking like this . . .

But eventually he got the hang of it and ended up showing off for the crowd . . .

I could not have asked for a better lil trip to help refresh the soul. It was just what we needed! We laughed a lot, we played a lot, we slept in, we ate good food, we did a little sightseeing, and just enjoyed our adventure. We came back home with a renewed spirit! . . . until we pulled on to post and found out we had received what is now about a foot of snow on the ground. **Eek** Will have to share pics of that soon too. It is EVERYWHERE!

Oh, I must now share some bad news . . . we had some technical difficulties with one of our cameras since SOMEONE dropped it. Well, I did when I had 8,297 other things in my arms and now the battery cover is held on with duct tape. Anyway, we thought it was okay to keep taking pictures as long as we kept holding the little cover closed to it would work with the batteries. Well, apparently not. We did take quite a few more pictures of that WONDERFUL fireplace and some other things at the lodge as well as our little detour in Munich to eat at Hard Rock Cafe on the way home on Sunday. And all of those pictures are now gone forever. Actually, they never were even taken according to our smart camera-geek friend. Breaks my heart but at least we were able to capture the most fabulous part of the trip. :) And that just means we have to go back again, right?

Hope you enjoy this little ski adventure of ours. We sure did!

Be looking for the next post with a few short lil videos of lil miss on those skis. You go girl! :)

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