Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Day Is This?

How many of you feel like this year is moving at sonic speed? Ooohhhh...... I do, I do!!!

Ronnie is now in the States for training and will be gone for a few weeks. I am learning to drive on my own here...ok, don't laugh, hon! ;)

My classes are moving right along at a pace that is way too fast for me. This SCARY econ. stuff is about to kill me. I am so looking forward to February 25th when this semester ends! Holding my breath til then... it took Ronnie and I well over 12 hours total to complete and fix 3 exams and 1 or 2 other exercises the other day. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't have been here to help me. I don't do Calculus, that's for sure!

Don't you just love Girl Scout Cookies? We start selling this coming weekend over here and we are over the moon excited about it, mostly because it is much easier here than in the States. A certain number of cookies are shipped to us so there is no pre-ordering-we are given a specific number of boxes to sell and I might add that that number is ridiculously small. So that part is much easier. Is it fair for me to buy all 48 boxes? What? Did I just say that? Oh wait....let me retract that statement. Diet? What diet?

We are looking at another deployment square in the face right now, as in only a few very.short.months away. Not what we were originally told, but we take the bad and the ugly with the good and we roll with it.

School is still going good for Neeley. She has decided that she really doesn't enjoy playing the violin as much as she thought she would so today we are turning in the violin to her teacher. I can't really tell yet if I am happy or sad about that. Happy that we have one less
commitment and obligation but now I have to find something else for her to do to replace that activity. She isn't involved in as much as she was in the states so she spends a lot of time on her computer talking with her Arkansas besties on Skype. While that makes our lil hearts all warm and fuzzy, it does nothing for energy levels and waist lines. Not that playing the violin really did much for either of those but it was something to do outside the house. I have been instructed to look up some of the dance classes to see if there are any spots left for the Spring semester. Oh boy! has become my new best friend in sticking with New Years resolutions. How are you doing with yours?

I must end here and get back to the ol' grind. I don't know what it is about Ronnie taking these trips, but every time he has to leave, I instantly get into this sort of nesting mode and I clean, clean, clean and organize and decorate till my lil heart's content. He usually comes home to some new things and a different look to our place. Let's see what I can do this time! :)

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I loved all your snow pictures! That place was gorgeous.

I'm glad you guys are soaking up all you can while you're there! Even school. Hang in there, Ashley!