Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why We Love This Time Of Year Reason #14

Not only is it Christmas time and almost the New Year, but it is also almost Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Several of the girlies from Neeley's troop...

Our Cookie Kickoff was so much fun this year! Of course, we were both remembering last year's and missing our Arkansas friends, but we did have fun nonetheless. Here the girls are voting for their favorite cookie. Won't ruin it for the rest of our friends, and I'm not even sure you have the same cookies in the states this year, but there is a new one out this year and it isn't my favorite. 'Nuff said till they come out. :)

Today is kind of a crazy day for us. We have Neeley's doctor's appointment today and Ronnie's unit Christmas party. Goodness! And we are excited to hopefully be going on a trip in a couple of weeks. You must visit in Garmisch. That is where we are hopefully headed, Lord willing. It seems like every time we try to go, the odds are stacked against us with schedules, illness, pocketbook says no, etc. LOL So hopefully this time it is for real. We have our hotel reservation and are scrimping ever penny. We may be eating lettuce and the last of the jar of peanut butter by the end of January, but we are bound and determined to get away for a few days of skiing and sledding and sightseeing and horse & carriage rides, and lots of pictures of the Neuschwanstein Castle and so much more. Say a lil pray for us that it works. Neeley will have to miss at least one day of school and hopefully Ronnie's schedule works out. We haven't gotten out of town...well...since our flat tire a while back so this will be a much-needed break.

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