Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What A Day!!

Was your day as crazy as ours? First we headed over to Olgahospital so Neeley could be seen by the local gastroenterology doctor who specializes in "kinder" care (the care of kids) here. Wow, is European medicine very different. We were first greeted by a very pleasant receptionist who spoke very good English and put us right at ease. Then we were directed to the "kinderklinik" where she was to be seen.

Neeley was instructed by what seemed to be a nurse to go behind the nurses' station to get her height and weight and all that fun stuff. And that was the only nurse we ever saw. We were then called back by the actual doctor himself and we loved him! He was very pleasant. Now again, no nurses. We sat in his office and talked about Neeley's possible ulcer and the things we have been doing since being seen in our on post clinic. Then he did his own feel and listen test, all again without a nurse present and no gowns he mentioned. LOL Very nice gentleman who spoke very good English and even told us of some great sightseeing places. :)

What an experience! We were in and out of the hospital in maybe 30 minutes tops! Couldn't have been happier. Our next step? Well, if Neeley feels any pain at all for the next week or two, we have to then schedule an endoscopy. Scared to death we are! They do these under general anesthesia here but they are an outpatient procedure at that particular hospital, and the doctor informed us that they are the only hospital here that does them on an outpatient basis. Oh my! Good thing we were referred to him! So please continue to pray and think of poor lil Neeley. I just don't know what could be causing all of it. I know stress is probably a huge factor but we have had a GREAT holiday so far jam packed with tons of fun on the snow and fun crafty Christmasy goodness and I have allowed that to happen for a reason. One it should just be that way and two to see if it helped her at all. She still hurts some but not like before. I really don't want the endoscopy but we'll just have to see how it goes over the next week. She can only take her meds every other day for the next week to see what happens, and I hate it. Not that I want her taking them forever but still...very scary stuff. We just don't know what is going on in there and that makes me nervous. What if it is not an ulcer? Hhmmm...

After that appointment, we came home, ate a quick lunch, and did a little organizing around the house since we've got piles of this and that from here to yonder. Then we loaded up and headed out to Ronnie's unit Christmas Party. Now, I must say it was surprisingly fun for us. We did have a good time. Santa came to visit the kiddies and we ate the most delicious food provided by everyone. I had a ton of crafts planned for the kids and we were all cram-jammed in to the place but it was enjoyable.

Now we are at home and watching tv, playing on facebook, reading, and just enjoying our family time together. We really do cherish these t

Here's Neeley with Santa at the party this evening. I think she was as tall as he was. Yes, I know the picture quality isn't very good but I "borrowed" this pic from a fellow wife until I have time to upload my own. Will hopefully do that tomorrow. We are doing some sightseeing tomorrow. Can't wait to tell you all about it!

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