Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Friends

"Give a dog a bone and he'll be your friend. Give a dog a home and he'll be part of your family." :) I just read that on another blog and I thought how fitting!

(picture disclaimer: please excuse her crazy eyes. i took the pic in a hurry and the flash caught her sweet little eyes just right.)

Every night we have this little girl in bed with us. She wouldn't have it any other way and on most nights when we don't wake up to dog behind in our face, it's okay with us too. But this is the sight I see every school morning when I get up. Anna Banana won't usually leave the bed until I do, but as soon as I do get up, her little paws hit the floor and she plants right here. This is Neeley's bedroom door. Yes, she comes and "guards" Neeley until I wake her up on school mornings. It is too funny because she doesn't do this on the weekends. It's like she knows it is not a school day and that I will let her sleep in.

Let me explain to you what happens on school mornings when I open this door. This little girl doesn't run but bolts in to Neeley's room, jumps on to her bed, and lays longways right next to Neeley on the bed until she wakes up. And when Neeley gets out of bed she follows her right to the breakfast table.

We've always thought this pattern was kind of bizarre but at least we know we are loved. And, our lil Anna Banana turns 10 years old on December 7th!

Do you have any funny family pet stories?

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