Saturday, December 5, 2009

T.G.I..........Oh Wait, It's Saturday.....

Has this been a rough week for anyone else?

Ok, the countdown playback.....

Monday-A rainy, yucky day for Neeley's doctor's appointment and some other errands...out in the mud and the muck.

Tuesday-More errands. Do they ever stop?

Wednesday-Subbed the worst class of 5th graders...EVER! :( Then helped a friend clean up her place and got to play with her cutie-patootie 10 week old baby girl.

Thursday-Helped that same friend get on her flight back to the States. :( Her hubby is now deployed so she is back home in our neck of the woods for a few months. I told her to kiss the Arkansas sign for us. LOL They are from Fayetteville! So good to have someone to share our Arkansas twang with...

Friday-Subbed in P.E. again. Ouch! I think I now feel every muscle in my body. Last night we were supposed to go to Winterfest on Patch but I got home from school and took an unplanned nap on the loveseat while Ronnie watched Friday Night Lights and Neeley played outside with a friend. Ronnie had to work last night so Neeley and I watched The Apple Dumpling Gang and Matilda and we highly recommend both but I think most of us have seen those before.

Today we are just vegging for a while. I am going to go over to our friends' place and finish cleaning it up for her. This was kind of an unplanned trip to the States for her so she did not have time to do those fun things like clean out the refrigerator and do all of her laundry and those sorts of things. I would only hope that someone would do the same for me if the roles were reversed.

Tonight is our own Winterfest here on RB and we are so excited! Neeley and her Girl Scout troop are leading us all in singing Christmas carols. And we are all gathering for the annual lighting of our big ol' Pine tree here on post. Afterwards we are all meeting at our Chapel Annex for sweets and hot chocolate. Yummy!

I LOVE this time of year with all of the festivities. Neeley and I are going to make some edible ornaments here pretty soon. We have been trying to do as many fun, crafty type things as we can possibly fit in to our schedule. I feel like we haven't done enough of that lately so we are really making up for it this holiday season. What about you? Please share any traditions or even new things you and your family are doing this year.

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