Saturday, October 30, 2010

Waiting For Another Rendition Of "Harper Valley PTA"........

Halloween 2010 was definitely a success for this "Valley Girl"......

{P.S. - if you eat all that candy, your "teef" will look like this above too!}

FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER: Wondering what to do with all your candy wrappers from your Halloween candy? Neeley's Girl Scout troop is participating in a fundraiser through TerraCycle where we send in recycled candy wrappers -HELLO FREE SHIPPING!!! :) - and they send us money. How cool is that? They send us big prepaid shipping envelopes so all we have to do is drop it in the mailbox. If you are willing to help out our Troop, message me at and I will tell you how. We would really appreciate your support. The 18 girls in the Troop are hoping to save up for an end of the year camping trip to the Swiss Chalet or Pax Lodge or somewhere equally awesome before many of us leave Europe. THANK YOU in advance!!!!!


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