Thursday, October 21, 2010

Amazing Achiever Alert

~ So proud of our "AMAZING ACHIEVER"!! ~

Neeley was invited to a ceremony and reception due to an award she was given by her teacher. Each month, the teachers pick a Student of the Month and also recognize those students who have done something "exceptional" in the classroom.

She was so excited to receive this invitation she couldn't even wait for the event . . . all smiles!!

We had no idea what she was being recognized for (yes, I know that's not grammatically correct, but stay with me here...), we just knew she was invited for achieving something.

There were such yummy goodies offered at the reception which took place first. What a treat!

Then it came time for the awards........... the school counselor handed them out.

Neeley was recognized for always going "ABOVE AND BEYOND" in the classroom. It always makes me beaming mommy proud when my kiddo is recognized for doing something other than the normal academic achievements in the classroom. I love it when they are recognized for doing something good or trying something new. Sometimes they just need that little boost of encouragement. And, she has all A's for the time being. Yahoo!! Because this has already been some kind of year in the classroom and in the GE program.

~ So proud of our baby girl!! ~

And also proud that she chose to wear her "TEAM JACOB" shirt for the event. LOL

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