Monday, October 18, 2010

Taking Butternut Squash To A Whole New Level

Y'all know I LOVE a good bloggy-blog when I see one. I lurk and I creep and I am on the 'net way more than I should be. But I ALWAYS . . . well usually . . . find a good book recommendation, a new product I am dying to try, or happen upon a good recipe.

And now the angels were singing when I made a new recipe the other day. Thanks to Designer Wife and her wonderful hubby, I always find such inspiration. I made their Butternut Squash Pasta With Rosemary, Mushrooms, & Brown Butter the other night and even Neeley declared it the best meal ever. You really must try it. And now I have lots of ideas of how I would like to tweak the recipe some to make variations of it. But for a yummy-good-for-the-heart-and-tummy meal, I wouldn't change a thing. Neeley even took it in her lunchbox in a hot thermos to school the next day and said it was just as great as the first time.

So, give it a try . . . and tell me what you think. You won't be disappointed! ;)

P.S. - I owe y'all a family update in a big, big way very soon.......

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