Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Bout Due For An Update.....

~ Hey Ash! What in the world have y'all been up to lately? ~

{Yep, that's the message I received just the other day, and well...I guess it's 'bout time for a Bowden Brigade update......}

~ Have I mentioned more than 4,297 times that I am a Girl Scout leader? Yep, LEADER!! This year that is. Ask me again next year. LOL Yep, this "job" required about 40+ hours a week which I didn't originally expect so that takes up most of my time. I those girls but sometimes my laundry and dishes and even my own family must come first, ya know what I mean? :)

~ I have been subbing a TON! Makes for one happy mommy when it comes to Christmas shopping. Have I mentioned I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. that I think about it I may be about halfway through. Yahoo!!!!

~ Other than subbing and leading my 18 awesome GS Juniors, I am still "trying" to schedule my workouts, read books "for fun", work on my fitness coaching certification, and finish this degree. I am taking one class this semester and it is KILLING me. You will notice from some of my past posts that my online boutique is doing very well and I am discovering some really great products out there. Need any gifty ideas? Yep, I've got 'em!! That part helps take care of the KILLING part you read about from my class above. That's the good that comes with the bad. :)

~ Neeley keeps me busy these days too. She is involved in cheer, Girl Scouts, Newspaper Club, Theater Club, RB Singers (basically Singing Club), and the Gifted Education program. Whew-wee!! Yes, I am exhausted just after typing all that. Thankfully, all of these activities are here on our post and after school at the school so it's not much of a drive or effort. It just takes time....precious, precious time. Does anyone else feel like this year is going by way too quickly??

~ Ronnie is still in Never Never Land. :( But he comes home soon and we will all be together again. I need my flock under one roof, and this go 'round has been a doozy with things to take care of. I have become quite the Mrs.-Fix-It....let's just keep it at that for fear that my blood pressure will spike again.

~ I know I'm a crazy military wifey because I am constantly working on our place. I have come across some really great deals lately and our place is ever changing. :) That's okay, it's so refreshing to add a curtain or two here or there, or put down a new rug, or move around a piece a bit. LOVE it...very therapeutic to me.

~ We're ALREADY in winter mode here. Temps are in the 30's, it's rainy and very nasty out. BUMMER in the worst way. And we've heard that this is going to be a miserably long and very yucky winter. Oh, how I long for the beach.........

~ We haven't taken too many trips lately. Mostly just because we haven't really had the time to. But I've been looking at a few of the USO trips coming up and thinking I might have to try to surprise Neeley with some fun soon. Have I told you how much I our USO? They offer the best trips!!

I have a ton of other things to tell you but that may just take away from my next few posts, so I'll stop here and let you digest this much-anticipated info. LOL Isn't our life so interesting? Yep, worthy of it's own soap opera episode. NOT! :)

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