Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank You!

I really do have to take the time and thank my WONDERFUL hubby for all of his hard work this week. My garage is now in a (semi)organized less-than-chaotic (sort of) mess, I now realize that I must go ahead and pack up whatever is going on the plane to Germany with us in the next week or it will be on the slow boat to ...well...Germany. And our household goods will be shipped in just a couple of weeks. And we ship one car next week and if we sell the other soon like it looks like we will, we will be homeless and without a vehicle for at least a month. Can't you hear the joy in my tone? :) Oh, and throw in the fact that said WONDERFUL hubby will probably be gone from us 6 months of every year while we are in Germany.

Stress? What's that? Oh, tiny bottle of Ativan, WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU MOST?????? :)

We have gotten a ton done just in the past couple of days of having him here and I am so thankful. I do feel relieved that we have some questions answered but every thing we figure out just creates more issues. So I'm stopping for now...

Enjoy your day!


Glo said...

Oh Ashley! I am praying for you! I would be scared to death living in another state much less another country! You are braver than I am! Kudos to you girlfriend!!!

Amber said...

A slow boat to Germany! HA!

And homeless?! You can come stay with us...not that you would want to move in with my wild crew!!! :)