Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whatta Warm Weekend!

Did you all have a great weekend? We had temps right around 70 all weekend, so you better know we got out and enjoyed it!

Neeley's bestie had her birthday at a fun swimming place {check it out HERE!}on Saturday, so the girls got to enjoy the water and good times with good friends.

Even Ronnie got a lil play time in!

Then, on Sunday Ronnie was supposed to leave for a week long meeting in another town here in Germany, but he ended up not having to to not from that assignment, lol, so we enjoyed a delicious breakfast {oh yum...Seegartle!}out at a new place we had heard about. Once we got back home and loaded up, we set out for an afternoon of golf at our fave golf place. Did I mention our temps were in the 70's? Yahoo!

What's most important for a round of golf? The watter bottle, the comfy sneaks, or the bedazzled sunglasses?

Sporting her new clubs!

How cute is this?

Did I mention we were loving the sunshine?

A girl's gotta have all the best accessories!

Look at that swing!

Twinsies in stance!

The Bowden golfers and their gear...

Our allergies may be telling us a different this morning, but we really did have a GREAT time this weekend! Sooooooooooo thankful for that beautiful sunshine! And soooooooo thankful Ronnie ended up not having to travel. He is already going to be away for pretty much all of Spring Break next week. Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Caren with a "C" said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That is the golfcourse in the picture on SITS! I totally thought of the golfcourse I ran around on when I was ages 6 to 8 behind our Army housing in Pattonville... and low and behold I clicked on your link to it and brought it up on google maps to see where it was and BAM! THAT IS IT!!!! No Way! I'm totally excited that I recognized it from your picture and I'm 40 years old! It has been a long time! Do you live around there?