Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Annoying Oranges In Action

Neeley's soccer team has deemed themselves The Annoying Oranges this year since their jerseys are the bright caution cone orange color. What? You haven't seen any of the Annoying Orange videos on Youtube? That's just about an every day occurrence around here with our silly girl. Check 'em out HERE.....

They had their first game this past Saturday. Their coach is WONDERFULLY PATIENT with all of them which is a joy! Neeley is actually loving the practices and the games which is a huge step in the right direction for her. I am still so proud that she steps out there to play these sports and that she really puts her all in to them, no matter the sport. She has really been talking to the coach and working with him. Since she's a lefty, sometimes she has to modify how she plays and that is definitely the case with kicking that soccer ball.

Aren't they cute? :)

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