Monday, April 25, 2011

Candy And Toys....No, They're NOT The Reason For The Season...;)

We had a pretty low-key Easter which was kind of nice, I have to admit. Ronnie is working nights right now so he slept for a good portion of the day, Neeley was playing with friends-OF COURSE! :), and I finally got caught up on some things around the house. But that doesn't mean we didn't take time to remember the reason for the season.

She rose-way before 7 am mind you-to find the first clue in the Scavenger Hunt....

It took her to the family dining area.

Excuse the location, but "squeak, vroom...", this one she found in the bathroom. ;)

But..........nope, none of that is the reason for the season. We always sit down afterwards and read the Easter Story, for HE is the real reason. Neeley found a really neat version online this year that she enjoyed so we read that. It was a beautiful day for which we are sooooo thankful!!

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Love the scavenger hunt idea. Hope your Easter was blessed. Are you as homesick for the South as I am??? :)