Monday, May 2, 2011

Fests And Eggs and Experiments...Oh My!

Do your weekends go by as quickly as ours? Ugh! I need just one more day, please!!

Our weekend was full of soccer excitement, of course.

And, apparently, the action was so great that I only got this picture. :( I promise to get more action shots. We moved Neeley up to the 10-12 age bracket and let me tell you something...these games make me a nervous wreck. Very competitive!! Therefore, I will have absolutely no fingernails by the end of the season. LOL

After Neeley's game with the Annoying Oranges....still think that's cute....we had a few errands to run and some business to take care, but once that was over we headed over to Fruehlingsfest, or Spring Fest as we call it.

We just love all of the fests we have around here this time of year. They are such a neat experience and allow for some great cultural fun, not to mention the good eats! ;)

Sunday we headed up the road to Ramstein for a lil American style food and shopping at the PX there. We like to get our Taco Bell/Macaroni Grill/Chili's fix while we are there and of course we always leave with something from Cinnabon as well. The PX there is AMAZING full of everything you could ever need, unlike ours here. It's nice to get away to a different place every once in a while, even if it is just for the necessities. :)

Sunday evening we had to finish up Neeley's science experiment to take to the school this week. I love me some science but when it is a "have to" situation and the experiment is one that can only be done just about at the last minute, it makes for one grumpy mama. This one was super easy though!

Believe it or not, this experiment was kind of fun, or at least Neeley enjoyed it. :) And everything that could go wrong with preparing this presentation board did. We ran out of ink and glue and just about didn't have the photo paper, and yikes! Sooooooooooooooo glad that's over!! And just so you see why this is an issue...we do not live on a post with a PX. The nearest PX or any place to pick up those kinds of supplies is 45 minutes away and closed exactly 12 minutes later than the minute we realized we needed more supplies. Yep, it will be so nice to get back to the States to make a late night run to Wal-Mart for these kinds of things.

Have a great week! This one is full of crazy for us as usual. I have never before wanted a school year to end like this one. Girl Scouts is taking up a ton of my time and I am in the final two weeks of my classes. Four classes to go! Yahoo!!

More to come soon . . . . .

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Anonymous said...

OMG - what fun! Pretty soon Neeley is going to be as tall as Ronnie! and very nice board prepared. Let me know her grade - bet it is an A!