Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Weekend Of Oh So Many Things...

Happy Mother's Day to you mommies out there, and especially to my Mommy! :) Doing anything special today? I will be spending my day finishing my paper that is due Monday. Boo..... Ronnie is working all weekend and Neeley will be enjoying some time with her bestie and a lil down time as well.

Our weekend is also full of soccer, Girl Scout events, fun with friends, and trying to get organized after a crazy busy long week and before this next week which is looking like it might be just as bad. I have been subbing quite a bit, and while the money sure is nice my class assignment schedule is disagreeing with the whole idea. Makes for some loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnng days.

Neeley only has 6 weeks of school left and while that at times seems like forever, it is also just right around the corner. And our summer is looking to be quite busy as well. Do you like your summer calendar to be full or do you plan for some down time? We're hoping for a good mix of both.

Welp, time to sign off. After a breakfast of homemade donuts {yep...I'm THAT mom! And Neeley had never had them.....}, it's time to head on out to get the day started.

Enjoy your weekend!!

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