Friday, March 4, 2011

Catch-Up & Some Linky Love is feeling very {full} and {crazy busy} these days....and we're tired, y'all!

We're all FINALLY over the killer sickness of 2011. Oh, PTL!! Walking pneumonia is no fun at all!

Hey Arkansas, what's up with your weird weather and your earthquakes? :(

I've started a lil tutoring of some kiddos on the side and have been approached about possibly teaching some beginner piano lessons to some younguns. Wow!

I've spent more time in Neeley's school this past week than I think I ever have. I've been helping her teacher as I can and volunteering with bake sales and after school programs and trying to stay involved. Maybe too involved? :)

Neeley's last basketball game is tomorrow morning and it's going to be a bit of a bittersweet moment for us. We really miss the seasons once they are over. Well....sort of.

The above means we have about a month long break before the soccer season begins. Yay! LOVE that Neeley is so willing to try new things. And so glad she is back to soccer now, and thankfully this is a spring season. The first time she tried soccer it was a fall season and we were miserable by the end of the season, what with playing in the freezing rain and the mud and all.

Thinking I may make some of THESE tomorrow. Don't those look yummy?

I've finished my class and have 2 more classes beginning on the 12th. Once those are over, I will be only 4 classes away from finishing my MBA. Another PTL moment!!

And speaking of classes, Neeley is THRIVING in school but that girls has a ton of projects!! Oh my any of your kiddos have so many? That girl and her work keeps my head spinning!

We are working on planning many, many, many upcoming Girl Scout events and those are keeping us busy as well. Not sure how I will feel by the end of June once our scout and school year are over. Relieved, perhaps? :)

Next weekend we travel to Ramstein for Neeley to compete in the European Spelling Bee (YIKES!!! and a big ol' gulp.......), and then we head over to Oberhausen for the Taylor Swift concert we tried to surprise her with. I'm not sure who's more or the girlies going. :)

Neeley's theater group is working on their upcoming production. It is a version of Happy Feet, rewritten by the teacher who sponsors the group. Should be cute!! Now we have to make penguin costumes for all the kiddos. Yikes!!

I have several "heart smart" posts out there this month with our focus on being heart healthy for the month of March. Check this one out about Heart Smart Foods HERE!!

We got to experience a new restaurant last night when we went for an event with Ronnie's unit. The China Palast Restaurant was not our most favorite place to eat but it wasn't terrible either. The food was okay and the prices weren't bad. Neeley's meal tasted like chicken and noodles in Ragu spaghetti sauce which is disappointing since she is such a good eater but, all in all, it was a good time.

More news to come from the homefront soon. We're looking at a possible move in just a few months and that has our stomachs tied in knots. We are looking at one area ever so closely and kind of sort of keeping fingers crossed while at the same time trying not to have a panic attack. More info on that as we find out more. No need to panic our peeps!! :)

Our weekend is full of play practice, basketball games, sleepovers, family fun, kicking off Girl Scout Week, buying groceries, getting caught up on laundry, cleaning house, and trying to bring some semblance of order back to our house. I have felt so disconnected for about 3 or 4 weeks now, thanks to the sickies we all 3 had for so long and then being so stinkin' busy since then with everything. I know the busy part probably never stops, but it seems like we can never get off the crazy bus at times. :)

Wanna know what I do when the going gets tough? Well...the tough get going...but I just add to my schedule... on top of the Girl Scout events, and my classes, and the tutoring and teaching piano lessons, we are looking very closely at starting a Fit Club up here on RB. Call me crazy? Yep....I think so too! ;)

Have you checked out the OpenSky Boutique lately? I've added a few new things but I am going to really be revamping it here very soon, as soon as I can find a blank spot in my calendar. far it's looking like N-E-V-E-R!! I always try not to let my business opportunities and other involvements spill over in to our family time, but here lately everything is monopolizing all 3 of us and it's making me consume ludicrous amounts of coffee and Diet Coke. Can't wait for the day when I can say "that's enough, y'all!!"

Ok, time to sign off so I can vaccuum, wash mountains of clothes, make our master weekend shopping list, revise my to-do list, and I'm finishing up the editing of my Administrative Services price list. Yep...adding that to my portfolio too. Need a document proofread or edited? Let me know!

Tonight we're headed over to another post to the high school for some family fun. A lil B-I-N-G-O and chili and all the fixin's and lots of other games and we'll see what other trouble we can get in to. I need a good laugh!! And while we're at it, can we add in maybe a movie, a good book, and a glass of wine? Why, thank you!!

We'll be back at ya soon with another update, some good reading material, a new recipe or two, and pics from our family fun. Have a good weekend!!

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