Wednesday, March 16, 2011

European Spelling Bee

Neeley competed in the European Spelling Bee last Saturday. Despite the word roughewn bringing her down, we had a GREAT time!

We stayed at the cutest lil German hotel.....

Once we got checked in and unpacked, we settled in for dinner at J R Rocker's. We thought it might be a fun place for Neeley and her bestie to play while we waited for our food.

Can we eat now?

Yep, that's one slab of brownie, y'all...

Waiting in line to register for the Spelling Bee the following morning.

Waiting on the pronouncer to arrive.....

Can you tell it was a wee bit early in the A.M.??

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the bee to glad to have her bestie there to cheer her on.

Listening to the rules and meeting the judges.

Neeley's first word was ramen. Yep, ramen. No.words!!

#32, your next word is roughewn. And this is how the story goes.....
Neeley:"r-u-f-h-u-n-e, rufhune" Judge: "I'm sorry, that is incorrect."

So we skeedaddled on out of there and made our way to Oberhausen for the Taylor Swift concert. Now that, my friends, is a whole 'nother post!

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