Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sunshine, Say Ye??

We have had some relief from all of the hectic days thank goodness.

Neeley has been able to get caught up on some assignments for Girl Scouts.

And we were also able to spend quite a bit of time last weekend outside enjoying the warmer temps. Soooooo thankful to wake up on Sunday to highs in the low 50's and sunshine!! Woo Hoo!! After church, Neeley loaded up and went just a few blocks over to one of our favorite warm weather hangouts. There is a public park here that has tons of play space, a petting zoo {with some of the ugliest animals mind you}, and beautiful flowers and just really neat things to look at. We love to go there in the afternoons after school for a break before homework. Or sometimes we'll head there on the weekends since it is close by and fairly inexpensive entertainment. You know I can't go there without taking a few pics.....

Aahhhhhhh.............times like these are so good for the soul to help bring you out of the cold weather blues. What's it like where you are??

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