Friday, March 18, 2011

Taylor Swift @ Konig-Pilsner-Arena In Oberhausen, Germany ~ March 12, 2011

We surprised Neeley and her bestie with tickets to see Taylor Swift way up in Oberhausen, Germany, on the 12th. Yes, the exact same day/night as the European Spelling Bee down in Ramstein. Were we crazy? the time we bought the tickets we didn't know about the Spelling Bee.

So, here's the story.....

We made the trip from the Spelling Bee in Ramstein to this hotel in Oberhausen in record time. We got all checked in and the girls were soooooooooo excited!

We had passed this sign on the way to the hotel and there was much squealing, yelling, and laughing coming from the backseat of the car.

See that itty bitty sign in the background? ;)

We arrived just in time, as the line to get in was getting long. Thankfully a security officer who spoke some English was able to tell us which line was shorter and going the fastest.

Once inside, of course, we had to pick out the shirts, and purchase the programs, bracelets, and some yummies for the show.

Mr. Bowden Brigade provided some glow sticks for the girls to use. And they LOVED them. Wait...I think that was an understatement. ;)

The grown ups had a pretty good time as well.

Look at all those people!

The girls got to move down a few rows since there were several empty seats. So they really felt special at their very first concert!

And then the show started, and that was that! AWESOME!!

Yes, folks, she came this close!! The girls were in awe...

At the end of the show, she handed her guitar pick to a little girl in the audience. Oh, what every girl would {or wouldn't} do to have one of her guitar picks. Amazing!!

We had the best time! I ♥LOVE♥ that Taylor is still a somewhat wholesome girl who hasn't turned to trash. And she is someone that girls like Neeley and her besties can sort of look up to and listen to without us parents having to censor the music.

After the concert, we headed back to the hotel for a good night's sleep. We had no plans for Sunday except to sleep in a bit, get up and eat the wonderful breakfast spread provided by the hotel, and then pack up and head for home. The girls were thrilled with the events of the weekend. It really was a great time! They had to have one final toast to end the weekend.

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