Monday, December 13, 2010

Why We ♥ This Time Of Year

I think the holiday season brings out the kid in all of us. We really strive to focus on the real reason of Christmas and Thanksgiving and not just the commercial aspect either. So far, so good! :)

But we did help out economy a lil bit the other day when Neeley spotted this board game.

When Neeley first showed it to me, I really wasn't impressed, but I happily obliged when I saw the next to nothing price. :) We brought this thing home and ripped it open and have been laughing ever since. This is THE best game! It really brings back memories and really makes me stretch my memory a bit with some of the songs. And I've discovered that I am a bad mommy in not teaching ALL the carols and songs to Neeley. So now we're seeking the perfect list of ALL of the Christmas songs and carols we can find out there to put on our ipods. :)

What are some of you favorites?

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