Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Much To Be Thankful For...

These days we are thankful for so much.....

~ The Man Of The House will be home soon.....very soon!!! ECSTATIC!!!!!

~ Cheering for the Robinson Barracks Bulldogs has come to an end. No more early Saturday games. Well, at least not until January when the basketball season begins.

~ We are so thankful for a daughter who has done so well at this school and who continues to thrive in new situations all the time. You all know how much we stressed - ok...I stressed! - over this move and this school and how it would affect her. And now this year brings new challenges with a blended classroom and harder subjects. And {gulp!!} actual letter grades this year.

Yep, she aced it!!! . . . . so far.........

~ We're so thankful for this girl, her great attitude in these times, and the young lady she is becoming!!

So proud of you lil miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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