Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Happenings

Has anyone else been terribly busy? Yuck! Sooooooooooo ready for some down time during this holiday break.

We've experienced a fun holiday "tea time" for our kiddos on post hosted by one of our fabulous neighbors here.

We've had end of the semester programs. This was Neeley's GE program for this semester, with a focus on civil rights.

We've made peanut butter play dough here at home for a lil family fun....................

We've participated in a few Girl Scout events like our Cookie Kickoff that is held every year at our on post movie theater. This year we all got to watch the original Parent Trap and loved it!

And we took a lil trip with Neeley's class to a water treatment facility for a lil educational fun. Science experiments are always the best!

Now we're just waiting for the man of the house to arrive sometime soon and are just enjoying hanging out and sipping coffee and cocoa and spending time watching Christmas specials and doing crafts.

What are your plans for this holiday break?

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