Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good Ol' Fashioned Fun

We have been busy lil bees lately. Between our crazy weather of snow, snow, snow and more snow, and field trips, and trying to find some down time at home, we are meeting ourselves coming and going. We've taken the time for a few photo opps to (hopefully) be able to remember it all. :)

We're certainly having to bundle up these days.....

And we spend many an hour tromping through the snow and the slush just to get through our days......

Neeley's class took a field trip downtown to the Christmas Market and to see a play the other day.

Neeley's class is studying Native Americans in their Social Studies lessons these days. One of their assignments was to make these super cute paper dolls. Neeley hand sewed those beads on to some felt to make the dress and even made a cute turquoise necklace and braided her hair out of felt. Super cute!

And I LOVE that this lil girl of mine still ♥'s her American Girl doll. Dear Lord, please do not ever let this girl outgrow play time with her Mommy! :)

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