Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yippee & A Lot Like Taffy

I have to have a Mommy brag moment. I am so proud of how well Neeley has adjusted here. She is having a blast playing softball, has just bridged from Brownie Girl Scouts to a Junior, has made some really wonderful friends, is planning a joint bday party (more on that soon!) this year with a very good friend, has had to say goodbye to some good friends this past week due to PCS moves, and is just really in a good place right now.

I really worried how she would adjust to her school and to a totally different curriculum and I struggled with what to do and how to help her if the schooling proved to be way too different. She has thrived! And it was proven to me today when I picked up her Terra Nova test scores. Now, for our non military friends, let me tell ya...these tests are way scarier than any ol' test ever given to the kiddos in the states. Now those are pretty serious business, but the Terra Nova is only **whispered** when it is even mentioned and it has all the kids scared to death. It is just a very different way of thinking, and it is like that for a reason. They really make the kids think outside of the box.

Anyway, back to my proud moment. I picked up Neeley's scores today and her Total Score was a 99.99 percent!! Wow! I was afraid to even open the envelope. I have heard from some other mothers that their kids-who are very smart kids too-did not do so well on it, so I really didn't even want to see them. But I just had to do it, and it was a pleasant surprise.

Now on to the taffy part......yeah, well, I will keep you in suspense on that a lil longer. It's now almost 10:30 pm and I'm pooped and a bedtime is nowhere in sight for this gal.

More to come soon!!

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Amber said...

Hooray for Neeley!!! I know you were worried about her adjustment...what a blessing that she is not just adjusted, but THRIVING!!!