Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Wrong Kind Of Busy Makes For Grumpy Bowden's

Same song, different day for us here lately. Do any of you ever feel that way? We have been grumpy and down and out at our house lately and I think I know why...

We have softball 4 times per week - 2 for practices and 2 for games. And between Girl Scouts, dance, and trying to have a life otherwise, that only leaves Monday afternoons after school for some "down" time. Did I say "down" time? Because I must have lost my mind...I have no idea what "down" time is anymore.

That, and did I tell you that we are back in the cold wintry rainy yucky weather again? Yep, highs in the 40's and rain and hail that lasts for hours and hours. FREEZING COLD! And yes, we are moving in to the middle of May, folks! That and all the flowering blooming madness growing everywhere leaving the pollen floating madly leaves us all feeling an even better case of the blahs.

I have subbed in P.E. for the past 3 weeks. While I LOVE the extra money that brings, I am extremely exhausted and have no time for my own workouts. I come home and eat whatever I want and buy things like chocolate covered creme puffs - death in a box - just because I want to. And then I wonder why I feel like poo on a good day. :)

There is no rest for the weary right now...

And a girl can't ever be without her camera but mine has bit the dust. Along with my cell phone too. So I plunked some change for a new phone and bought one for lil miss too. Yes, I know she's only 8 y.o. but we've already used it tons with her busy social life. :) So it's been a lifesaver and not a hazard yet.

Y'all keep praying and thinking of us. There are possibly some new opportunities on the horizon for us and we are both excited and nervous and just know that we have to wait it all out and will receive the word "GO!" all in God's timing. I am ALWAYS a Nervous Nelly and want answers and a million dollars right now so this waiting game drives me crazy.

Want to know what else drives me crazy? The fact that I may have accidentally opened my mouth and volunteered to lead my very own Junior Girl Scout troop next year. Yep, all while a full time student with a deployed husband and an already active then 9 year old 4th grader. Yikes!

Wanna know where else we've been? Not only at the ball field 4 days per week - have I told you how proud of Neeley and the rest of my girls I am at their playing skills on the field?? Woot Woot!! ; I LOVE COACHING!! - but trying to make the most of our memories here in Germany, working on Science Expo projects, finishing up some Girl Scout projects and getting ready to bridge to Juniors (EXCITING STUFF!!), sharing the word of Beachbody and Shakeology, and just trying to stay sane in this crazy world. Now if only the laundry and cleaning fairies would please come bless my house.

This really is a whiney rambling mess but that's what I feel like our lives are right now, a whiney rambling mess. We wake up on Mondays, head to school or to run errands and spend all day trying to accomplish a ton because the rest of the days of the week are nuts. I have been trying to get together with some friends for lunch for weeks now and can't seem to be able to get there. But I do have a fun dinner play date planned for tomorrow night with a friend and I'm very excited. She's a new friend and our hubbies work together. They have 2 young boys who are cute as can be and I am very excited to really get to know her and her family and to have some fun eating disgustingly greasy food with them. Nothing like some good ol' Pizza Hut to make a girl happy.

Next on my agenda...finish registering for my next school semester which begins in just a few short weeks, finish getting Neeley registered for her summer camps (gotta keep this girl busy!!), make a decision on the GS troop, scheduling mani/pedi's for me and lil miss, along with dentist appointments and haircuts, and start planning Neeley's 9th birthday party. This year we are doing a joint part with a friend of hers. They have decided on a Talent Show and have already decided the two of them are going to dance to Skater Boy by Avril Lavigne. Oh my! Too fun! We moms have a surprise or two up our sleeve for the girls so surely it will be fun. We have the perfect place here on post to host it and we think we may even do a Fashion Show and a Parade and who knows what else we can get in to.

Will share more about our adventures later. I must go now and get registered for a fun USO trip I am going to surprise Neeley with. More on that later . . . but I will say we are headed to another country and I couldn't be more excited! Well, yes I could...hon, we could love for you to join us! That would make it even better!

And These Are The Days Of Our Lives............... :)

And, btw, if any of you are camera geniuses, perhaps you could help me with mine. Or give recommendations for a new one. So frustrating!!


Steve Ballmer said...

Good blogging my friend!

Steve Ballmer said...

Good blogging my friend!