Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Date with Miss America

Military kids are so fortunate for some of the opportunities they do have. I know we move them all over the world and they can be the most resilient kiddos ever, but seriously . . . I really try to make Neeley aware of just how blessed she is.

Neeley and I were hanging out in the food court of the PX the other night, having a snack after a softball game, when lo and behold who walks in to sign autographs?


Caressa was so sweet to all the kids, and even stayed later than she was supposed to just to see each of the kids who had lined up to see her.

Neeley thought it was funny how, when Caressa was finished signing autographs and talking to the kids, she walked right over to Popeye's Chicken in the food court and ordered the biggest meal you could ever imagine and proceeded to sit right down in the food court and eat it among all the families. She was so naturally beautiful and really seemed to enjoy her time here.

Thank you to our wonderful USO for this fun evening!

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