Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lurvin' The Ipad...

Let me see a show of hands.....

How many of you have an Ipad?

Ya know, I never really thought I needed one. I really thought the thing was useless, especially over here with the resources we have. And I thought it would still be useless when we get back to the states because I'm sure by then we will have fallen in to the pit of agony called the iphone and who knows what else.

But...................I truly ♥LOVE♥ mine. I can do so much with it, and it is already proving to be a lifesaver for me. There are so many apps that I already love and can't imagine going a day without it.

Do you love to read like we do? I'm really enjoying the iBooks program and I've already read my way through 6 very good books over the past few days. It's super handy to be able to take the Ipad with me wherever I go and still have my books, my pen and paper, my news, internet, and just about anything else I need.

And...........the good part........most of these things are free or inexpensive. I enjoy paying only 9 or 10 dollars for a book with it, versus the usual 25-50 I would pay elsewhere. And that's for new books, y'all!!

What are your favorite apps for either the ipad or the iphone or any other fun electronic gadget? I'm looking for more...

And...while we're at it....please give me your book recommendations.

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