Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crazy? Who's Crazy?............

..............................ME! That's who!

Do any of you ever feel like this time of year is just absolutely nuts? Yes, Yes, and Yes are the answers you would get from this house.

Right now, we spend our days studying those difficult spelling words to get ready for our upcoming European Spelling Bee. Oh my! Did I mention they are listed by LANGUAGE OF ORIGIN for this bee. What in the world?

And we just finished our season of selling Girl Scout cookies. Whew! Glad that one's over too!

I am steadily working on my {hopefully} finishing my masters soon. Only 6 classes to go!

Neeley is LOVING school, and I mean LOVING it! Why didn't any of you tell me 4th grade math was horrid? Oh, and the extra 5th grade math she's doing? Yeah... no comment! Never said that was ever my subject...

We are so very thankful to have Ronnie back with us. I can't possibly say that enough. I am so grateful to have us all under one roof and to be able to spend our days together.

We have some new plans to make in the very near future and these are causing just a wee bit of stress for us, so please lift up an extra prayer or two for us. Keyword: MOVE! Yikes!!

GOOD NEWS! We're out of the frigid temps here and finally feeling like we're thawing out. I've even had our windows open a few days. I'm sorry that those of you in the States have traded weather with us. I promise I didn't wish that! :)

And those are pretty much our, Girl Scouts, sports (our basketball season is coming to a close and soccer starts very soon), huge decisions to make (locations, and schools, and jobs, oh my..............), trying to enjoy our days of European living, paying the bills, and trying to maintain a normal household. LOL. That's pretty much life summed up, right?

Now we're off to enjoy our Sunday. We have celebrated an early Valentine's Day as a family. I am really enjoying playing with my new iPad and now have the most gorgeous diamond necklace. Will have to post a pic soon. I have the sweetest hubby ever! And we're enjoying the new Kinect for the Xbox 360 too but we aren't loving how small our living room is-it hinders our family fun y'all! ;)

Go enjoy your Sunday and be ready for another installment in the lives of The Bowden Brigade to come soon.....

And, just because she's cute.............

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