Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love A Good Organizational Tool....

....even if I got it because it's just plain cute.

This is the Homart Zinc Memo Board in the Fleurish color......

Once again, this cutie is featured in my boutique HERE. This is a great lil decorative chalkboard that you can put anywhere. I put a tiny piece of greenery on mine for now because I hung it on a cabinet and we cannot put holes in it since we are in housing. So I hung mine with tiny 3M hooks but you can see them. Hence the need for a piece of something or other to cover it up. I'll fix it up when I have a spare minute. But for now, this is what it looks like.

This is hanging right in my entry area and this is a perfect spot for it here in our place. I tried to take a pic of the entry area so you could get a sense of the space it is in but the angle of the pic was kind of funky because of the size of the space.

You can hang this fun lil piece anywhere. I considered putting it in my kitchen but I already have a white board in there and a refrigerator with a front side filled to the brim with pictures and recipes and lunch menus and such. And I am now getting ready to pick up some of those stick-on chalkboard pieces for two kitchen cabinets. So I put this one in my entry way and couldn't be more pleased.

So, tell me....would you paint this thing or leave it the way it is? I paint things all the time. I have repurposed things so many times I hardly ever remember it's original state. I am seriously considering painting this a dark chocolate brown to match many of our other things, but I know I have a problem with having my things too matchy so I may just leave it this way.

Anyway, go check it out HERE. It's fun, it's cute, it's decorative, and can be so useful and handy to have. Go on and get ya one!

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