Thursday, July 15, 2010

Definitely A Scorcher...But Fun Nonetheless

Y'all, seriously...I can't decide when I will ever like the weather here in Germany. No reprieve EVER! I tried to take a pic of the temp posted in my car (it said 102 F today) but the pic didn't look good. Oh my! Yes, 102 degrees out today. And like I've said a hundred and two times myself, we have no A/C and with us possibly moving again in a few short months, I refuse to buy any of the portable A/C units that are usually around $400 or so. Yikes!

We have still been finding fun ways to beat the heat though. We've been doing lots of swimming and playing in the water at home. And we've visited a few amusement parks.

Our end of the year Girl Scout par-tay took place at Europa Park here on Tuesday. And it was fun!! The girls really enjoyed themselves as you can tell from looking at the pictures below.

Now, let's see what else we can get ourselves in to before the summer is over. Speaking of summer being over, how many of you feel like summer is just about over by the time you hit the middle of July? We haven't even been out of school here a month, and already I feel like we are about to start back up again. And, right now, I can't tell you which makes me more miserable-the 102 F temps of summer or the temp of winter that feels like -102 F. :)

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I'm off to finish up some of my school work. I've had a VERY productive day so far but still have about 5 large assignments to finish in the next month.

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