Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful Hands Making Beautiful Things - A SUMMER GIVEAWAY!!

A girl loves a good product and a good giveaway, right? And I have just that something for you!

I know many of you are familiar with Etsy. And you know I LOVE to support Etsy business owners, and I LOVE to promote a good product. My friend, Nicole, has an AMAZING business on Etsy and has graciously agreed to participate in a summer giveaway here at The Bowden Brigade. Let me give you some information on Nicole's products.


Nicole's store features organic soaps that differ
from almost all other hand made soap because she uses the French Milled Method. According to Nicole, "This means that after I make my Cold Press Soap (where most soap makers stop), I wait for it to cure a week or so, and then I grate it up and melt it down again. For practical purposes, this makes the soap harder and more compact and lasts much longer than regular Cold Pressed Soaps." BRILLIANT IDEA, don't you agree? Way to go, Nicole!!

In addition to this process, when Nicole French Mills the soaps, she adds in additional ingredients that come directly from nature. I don't know about you, but this is VERY important to someone like me who has a daughter with eczema and other skin irritations.
Many ingredients are harvested directly from her sea side cabin - seaweed [which dissolves and is destroyed in regular Cold Pressed soaps], stinging nettles, cranberries, rose petals and rose hips - whereas others are purchased directly from two Middle Eastern/African import shops that are in Bergen. There, she is able to talk to the owners about where the spices come from, how they are harvested and how organic they are. She does as much research as she can and purchases the best spices/ingredients that are available to her.

Nicole also has two women in Europe (on in Latvia and one in Sardinia) who are growing organic herbs and flowers for her. Talk about networking! These will be shipped to Nicole in a couple of weeks and I know she is very excited about using them. Because Nicole can guarantee that these ingredients are completely organic and are harvested by the women she speaks to, she will be using much more of these herbs in the year to come.

With the exception of Nicole's honey soaps,
all of her soaps are vegan and all are palm oil free. Her use of olive oils and sunflower oils contain huge amounts of vitamin A and E, and considering the skin can absorb up to 70% of nutrients placed upon it, this is good to know. The use of coconut oil produces a hard bar and the use of rapeseed oil produces a very creamy texture.

I am eager for you to try her soaps and let us know what you think. Nicole is offering a one-time BOGO-Buy One Get One Free- opportunity for her bars of soap. Buy one bar of soap, and get one free. Wow! What a great summer pampering opportunity!! Visit her shop HERE and mention that you read about this opportunity from The Bowden Brigade in order to receive this promotion. In addition, let us hear from you! What did you order? What fragrance do you think you will favor most? Gosh, I can't decide! I can't wait to hear what you think of her products. I am betting that the Jasmine and Oatmeal blend is WONDERFUL for the skin.

This giveaway begins today, July 18th and expires on Thursday, the 22nd. So HURRY on over and get yours now. And tell all your friends about this AMAZING product. I know I am! :)


Lindsay said...

What an amazing deal, Ashely!! Going to check out her soaps right now - I absolutely adore etsy and go crazy finding handmade soaps on there :)


Josh said...

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