Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for the sunshine! I just got Neeley off to school, and now I am getting ready to take Anna Banana for her morning walk. I think I may just have to take some pictures of the beautiful sunshine we have had for the past couple of days. My sweet little Germany neighbor ladies have told me we are past the snow season and now we are in the rainy season. Oh great! I don't know which I dislike most but at least we have some intermittent sunshine for now.

We had big plans for a fun family four day weekend but Ronnie has to be somewhere tomorrow and Neeley is testing tomorrow-her school is right smack dab in the middle of the Terra Nova test this week (yuck!!)-so we'll start our fun on Saturday.

I am thinking of trying to put together an Easter egg hunt here on post for all of our kiddos. Can you believe no one does one here? What!?! :) And you know me, I can't leave well enough alone...I have to get involved and get something planned. Speaking of...can you believe Easter and April are almost here!?! Yikes!

Ronnie is off on Monday so we are keeping Neeley out of school that day to have an extra family day. Our weekends go by so fast if we do anything fun and she has some things she needs to finish up for some of her local Girl Scout patches and the places we have to go are only open during the week so we are going to make the most of the day and have some fun.

Today I am listening to some calls and answering emails and I am getting ready to work out to my INSANITY Cardio Abs. Ouch! I know I have lost about 10 lbs. so far just in the past few weeks with INSANITY and P90X and Shakeology, so we'll see how this helps too. I did Plyometrics the other day and now I can't walk! :) I am going to the Patch gym this afternoon to see how much interest there might be to bring in an instructor from the States to do a Turbo Kick training for us to be able to teach the classes ourselves. :) And I have been approached about leading a Slimdown Challenge to start soon. And I am so excited! I think we are going to start with a 10 day challenge and then possibly extend it to 30 days. I am hoping to constantly have these going. Just a few months ago I would have never thought I would ever be involved in something like this but I am loving it! I am so glad I have found Beachbody! This has become my full time job and I couldn't be happier!!

Neeley is now in a Jazz/Tap class on Thursday afternoons so that's our fun for today. She is LOVING it! She has also been invited to participate in the Science Expo at her school. It is normally only for 4th grade and up but because she is part of the Gifted Education program, she gets to participate and now we are in the middle of trying to figure out what in the world we will do for it. Any ideas?

Better finish my call and get outside and then back in and back to my to-do list. My days are way too short!