Friday, March 12, 2010


Last Friday the kiddos were out of school for a teach work day so we took Neeley and a friend to this fun place here called Sensapolis. Oh my! Was it fun!?! All of our Arkansas peeps . . . it is like the best Mid-America Museum program ten times over and then some. It's fun and playful, it's got sciency stuff, the food was great and inexpensive, it had every kind of fun you would ask for. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Hopefully one these days you and your families can get there. It's like nothing you have ever experienced before!

This used your weight to fill up the water in the tube. I tried to join them later to see how far it would go but I think we almost broke it! LOL

Look at all the treasure found in the Pirate Ship!

Silly girls in the bathtub in the Castle.

Riding on the witches' broom...

Even Ronnie enjoyed playing the harp. See that laser sensor there running along the left side of it? Yep, that's how it worked. Cool!

He also took a turn on the rock wall...

I think they had had enough of this area...

A little pizza and chocolate is always good for the soul... (they are drinking their chocolate from the chocolate fountain. Yum!!)

Silly girl trying to climb the tree...

They loved playing in the water, and didn't get too wet! :)

Neeley thought she'd try the harp too!

We had fun too!

Riding on the horse at the entrance to the castle...

Look at these girls on the king's throne.......

We thought we'd try it out too!

Can you tell we had fun?? It was a good time!

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