Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Downtown Adventure

We now have only a few more days with Ronnie here at home with us. :( We have been trying to make the most of our time together. Of course, in my head that means running around everywhere and trying to see as much as we can see but I also know that that means we need days to be still and appreciate each others' company.

We have had gorgeous weather here for about the past week and have really tried to take advantage of it. Monday, Ronnie was off so we kept Neeley out of school for the day (ssshhh.....don't tell!! actually, DoD schools completely understand and make it a lot easier on us), and went to see some fun stuff.

Our first stop was to run by the Rathaus, or City Hall Stuttgarter.

We had a good laugh because to most of us that is pronounced "rat house" but I found out from my German neighbor lady that they pronounce it much like "hot house". So, hot house or rat house, either was an interesting place to visit. It was more like a Chamber of Commerce of sorts, with TONS of touristy information. Neeley had to have her picture taken on the sign to finish up the requirements for a GS patch. We have been trying to take advantage of the cultural patches they can earn here and have found several but still have many more to work on.

We found some random fun in downtown Stuttgart when we were in that area... I am afraid to even ask what that car says!!

And then we found the mecca of all toy stores and Neeley's eyes had that glazed over look for the next hour...

Can you tell she was caught completely off guard with this pic? This was taken when we were in the Lego heaven section. Oh my!

What a fun trip!!


Kendra said...

So, do German Legos plug in to the American Legos, or do you have to get an adapter. (Sorry, that's my bad attempt at European humor.)

The Bowden's said...

Yes, you do have to get an adapter for them. :) We are LOVING this but much less complicated in the States.