Sunday, June 26, 2011

What Have You Been Up To?

We have had a fun-filled, yet exhausting week of birthday celebrations, camp fun, and so much more.

Neeley spent the past week at a Girl Scout camp about 2 hours from here. She attended the "Art Attack" session and LOVED it!

Neeley returned from camp just in time to celebrate her birthday. We had already had the big ol' PAR-TAY earlier so now was the time to celebrate.....for real style! ;)

The birthday girl requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. They were so hot on the plate that they were melting the candles. ;)

After that, she requested to get busy opening gifts.

We lounged for a bit more yesterday morning and then we headed out to a local place to pick a few strawberries. Yum Yum! The owner of the place was very nice. It was mentioned in conversation that it was Neeley's birthday and we had told him that was the first time that Neeley had ever been to pick berries so he allowed us to walk away with FREE berries! Sooooooo blessed!

We were FILTHY from the strawberry fields-ever had squished strawberries on the bottom of your shoe? GROSS!-so we came back home to freshen up a bit. Then we headed out to dinner. Neeley had seen a place a week or so ago called Vapiano's. It is an Italian place with the neatest atmosphere. We had THE BEST pasta and pizza and yummy bread. And it was cheap! Oh...and the latte macchiatto and the fresh berries and cream? Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!! ;) We will definitely be going back there!!

Do we look like the parents of a 10 year old? {PLEASE say no! ;)}

We headed out to brunch earlier today to another one of our favorite places. Check out Oh yumm-o!

Then we headed over to another one of our fave places, Killesberg Park, to play with our furry friends and take advantage of the beautiful weather and ride a few rides.

It has been a GREAT week! We have lots of other excitement coming up this week and next, but that will have to be another post....or several. ;)

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Caren with a "C" said...

I remember strawberry picking in Germany! Do they still do voksmarches? Probably spelled that wrong. It is those long hikes on the weekend and you can get patches and medals, etc. at the end. And in the middle you get to eat those large hot dogs and drink orange fanta! Oh the memories. Your daughter is going to cherish them!