Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year...New You

So it's that time again. Time for New Years plans. What are your plans for this new year? Have you written out your goals? What about your Dream Board? Do you have one? Are you saving up for something big? Do you have fitness related goals?

My rough "plan" if you will looks something like this.... to be more mature in the areas of fitness, finance, emotional wellness, and spiritual growth. Pretty broad, huh?

But my goals are written out like this as of now...

Fitness - to work towards losing those 20 lbs, to complete the Chalean Extreme program, to have a more organized/concrete workout schedule, to plan better meals, to not eat out as much, to budget for healthier food items, finalize plans for a Fit Club, and to make new ways for accountability.

Finance - We are going to do Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University program. I would love to have several thousand $$$ in the bank, plan for a nice summer vacation, not have to scrimp and save, and to just be able to afford to live & laugh a little.

Emotional wellness - well...this involves just letting go. And talking more instead of stomping around and slamming doors. :)

Spiritual growth - this is a BIGGIE for me this year! I need it. We need it. And I need your help to keep me on track.

I now have the tools and resources to "help" keep myself on track with these. I hope to be better organized this year and not so overwhelmed so I can stay on target for where I want to be in all of these areas come December 31, 2011.

Pictures of my Dream Board to come soon. I ♥ it!

So tell me...what are your plans?

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