Thursday, January 20, 2011

A "Chen" Good Time

We have found yet another great place here.

Chen's Cooking Wok & Grill Restaurant is Yum-o!! We have been craving Chinese food and a big ol' buffet for a while now. Well, the type of food maybe...not so sure about the buffet. LOL Good thing this wasn't a place like New China or something. There goes New Years Resolution #27, right out the door! :)

It had definitely been a while since we had had such cuisine and it has been nice to have Mr. Bowden Brigade with us to enjoy some family fun on the weekends. We must have really been needing a night out on the town because this lil girl didn't know what to do and acted like an animal in the restaurant.

We are looking forward to trying many more new places very soon.
Needless to say, my hope of doing the Eat In Month 2011 this month just isn't going to work for us.

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