Friday, June 11, 2010

On This 11th Day Of June...

(I know this picture is of TERRIBLE quality, but it seems like the original is on the other computer that I cannot access until December...)

It is hard to believe that this picture was taken a year ago today. Neeley and I had just gotten off the plane here in Stuttgart, Germany, and met Ronnie at the airport. So many emotions!

Words cannot even begin to describe this past year. You all have taken this journey right along with us by way of this blog, and I hope it has been quite the experience for you as it has been for us.

I cannot even begin to tell you how appreciative of this opportunity we are. Yes, it's been a roller coaster of a ride, but one we have endured with pride and joy and yes some tears along the way. We have gotten to see some amazing things and learn so many new things and have had some great adventures, and I know we wouldn't trade this for anything in the world right now. Well, let me rephrase that...we would like to have all of our family and friends with us, and please bring with you a Wal-Mart, a Target store, and some of our favorite restaurants and products and we'd have it made. :)

I hope this past year has been a good one for you too. We're looking forward to the next exciting adventure and anxiously await the good word on where we will go next and what lies ahead. For now, we are enjoying the European lifestyle and still trying to make the most of what Uncle Sam puts before us.

We appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers and cannot wait to see you all again very soon!!

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