Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And What To My Wandering Eyes Should Appear?

Gasp...is **it** here yet!?!

Yep, I got up this morning and noticed this staring me right in the face......

I forgot that Neeley flipped the wall calendar for me last night. But....can it be?? Wow!! So much happens this month. Neeley's birthday is coming up. More on that later. Neeley and I have been here for almost a year. More on that later. Our school year is coming to a much welcomed end. More on that later. Noticing a trend? Wait, let me grab another cup of coffee and sit and think about this for a while.

I'm so ready for our weather to warm up and actually be summer, I am so ready for our summer activities, but I'm not ready to realize that we have been here for a year and that my baby is another year older. Yikes!!

Hope you have a good day too. Don't let a new month slap you in the face. :)

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