Friday, April 2, 2010

Can't Beat Good Ol' American Food . . . Even In Germany!

Last Saturday required a slight change of plans for us. Neeley was scheduled to spend the weekend with a friend so Ronnie and I had a date night planned for Saturday night. But, things don't always go as planned, and we just learn to roll with it. The friend's entire family of 6 was apparently sick beyond belief so we decided to stay away and take lil miss with us to dinner instead.

Our goal was to venture out to the Block House for dinner.

The restaurant is an American steak house plopped right down here in Stuttgart. And we all agreed that was the best food we had ever eaten. The wait staff all speak English, and very good English I might add. We had our food in maybe 15 minutes tops, and it was so good! What had we been missing? :) This place came highly recommended and it was definitely well worth the trip!

After dinner, we strolled downtown for a bit and took another walk through the hauptbahnhof. There is a coffee shop much like Starbuck's on the top floor so we spent some time up there and then we visited one of the little crepe kiosks outside for some of the best crepes ever. I love those little places! Ronnie and I had ours with butter, cinnamon and sugar, and Neeley had hers with Nutella. So yummy!

After walking around and doing a little window shopping while eating our crepes, we walked back towards the car but we had to go past some really interesting places to get back.

Isn't the theater beautiful?? It was all lit up once it got dark outside and we just couldn't help ourselves with the picture taking. :)

After this, we were too stuffed to stand much else, so we made our way home and vegged on the couch to finish a few more episodes of House. We're trying to get all of our fave shows and movies and fun stuff in before Ronnie leaves. Our time is drawing near...

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