Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fundraising Fun

Whew! Is it already time for Thanksgiving? Wait...what? October is over? And August and September, too? I feel sooooooooooooo behind on everything now that I am back in school full time. Sound familiar? I felt that way when I worked full time too. :)

Neeley's schedule has been full of fundraising fun as she prepares for her upcoming conferences. We spent several hours at Purple Swirl on Friday evening.

And then enjoyed our time last night at Orange Leaf. We certainly love our froyo!!! :)

These fundraisers were her first actual on-site events but she is working with some other businesses to hopefully earn some more funding to register for the conferences. Anyone have any odd jobs for her to do? :)

Soooooooooooo proud of that girls' entrepreneurial efforts! She has scheduled all of the fundraiser fun all on her own, emailing and calling businesses, and mailing letters. Please keep your fingers crossed for this girly girl to attend them to further her interest in medicine and science.

Here's to more goofy fun. Or, probably we were a bit delirious by this time after 5 hours at Orange Leaf! :)

THANK YOU from us to you for your support!! :)

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