Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

Stream of consciousness.....literally as it comes to mind..............

1) We soooooooooo cannot wait until Mr. Bowden Brigade gets home. There's always no less than 4,297 things going on all at once and's time!

2) What am I thinking when I have those feelings that I REALLY want to go back to school and want to teach? Wait...what?

3) It feels sooooooooooooooooooo good to have a gym membership again...and one that includes unlimited tanning. GTDG....Gym, Tan, Don't Judge!

4) Neeley made these Cranberry Gems tonight and they are scrumptious! #onlyhadoneipromise

5) Neeley has state assessments this week and this is HUGE for us since we don't have many assessments in this district since we arrived here late. Beddy-bye time in 20 minutes!

6) The weekends fly by too quickly. LOVING the Vitamin D we received at the City Park today! Neeley and I went and took advantage of the sunshine for some friendly games of volleyball and old school 4 square.

7) Excited that the Schwan's truck will be stopping at my house tomorrow evening with my prepaid order. Hello frozen fruit for my Tropical Shakeology! :)

8) It's almost March. Yikes!

9) I wish I had a good book to read and time to read it.

10) We're {fingers crossed} planning a trip to the beach and to Disney World for sometime this summer. #don'tevenknowwheretobegin

Time to go get some bedtime snuggles with that not-so-little girl of mine before bedtime. This is looking to be one CrAzY week for us. I owe so many a phone call, a note, an email, or a message . . . but for now it will have to wait.

Have a good one!

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