Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Girl

Neeley and I took a visit to our local City Park the other day. It was beautiful out but started getting a bit chilly towards the end.

Lil miss celebrated Valentine's Day in high style. :)

She's so fun these days! We have our good days and our rough crazy days, but she's such a good kid! :)

Can you believe she's almost as tall as I am?? What?? :)

Our weeks are full and our weekends are even better. :) Yesterday, Neeley began her day with the GROW program at K State- They had a blast learning about engineering, math, science, and lots of other good stuff.

She had to leave the GROW program early to head over to her Junior Zookeeper training at our local Sunset Zoo. How fun!

She had a flute concert we were supposed to try to get to yesterday evening but it just didn't happen. We would have been "fashionably" late. :) It's all good, as we'll make the next one.

Have a great week! Hopefully we'll have more to post next time! :)

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