Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh, Manhattan!

We are feeling more at home every day here in Manhattan.

{We still have SO much work to do around the house but it's coming right along...}

We had to buy another vehicle as soon as we got here since Ronnie has to attend his class out of state and needed the car. I ♥ my new Equinox!!!!

Neeley is making new friends and really enjoying her new school.

She's doing so well in school, with the help of her teacher and her Gifted Education Facilitator. So proud! And she's taking a Hip Hop class through the Bates Studio too. She's LOVING it!!

We're now searching for a family church.

We visited a local church last Sunday but the youth group isn't very large and not very active so we are trying another one just up the road from us tomorrow morning. We've heard nothing but wonderful things about it and it seems to really offer tons for all ages, which is a blessing!

I am working full time for now as a Paraeducator with the Gifted Facilitator at our local 10th-12th grade high school. I LOVE it but it is a ton of work that I wasn't expecting! The position was originally expected to be a part-time/flex-time type position so I am gone more of the day than expected but so far, so good! I still have my fitness biz and other opportunities that I am trying to fit in as well and hope to make full time once again very soon.

Other than that, we're enjoying having the necessary conveniences like Wal-Mart and our choice of good eats/restaurants, etc. and making the most of our time in Kansas!

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