Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Topic: Family Budgets

Budget tends to be a nasty word to some. We try to stick to a budget and plan accordingly and save as much as we can but there are some months that it's just plain tough. Like when we plan a trip to Paris. :) Nah, that was all good! Or when my lil entrepreneurial spirit starts soaring like it is now and I start delving in to every little thing in front of me. Oh my! Remember that boutique I mentioned? Yeah.......about that! That could get me in trouble but it won't. Nope, I'm not buying in to that one. :)

{Ok, back to budgets...}

I did a lil quick research on family budgets online just to get an idea of what kind of systems are out there and what people generally think of their own budget...or lack thereof if you will. I was shocked to find that so many barely even know what the word means.

Wow...yep, just wow!

So tell me . . . what system do you use? And if you can share general monthly household numbers . . . {or politely make up a scenario} that would be great. Do share! How do you do it? And what is your best method for saving?

Looking forward to hearing your answers!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

We don't yet...and we totally should. We have all these grand plans and then forget to do it every month. Le sigh.