Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Home RB

We have officially checked out of our home of 3 weeks, the Millenium Hotel, and we only had to sacrifice Neeley to do so. Just kidding! I am still promising pictures of this place. It was its' own city. We are so thankful to actually be able to cook tonight in our apartment.

We are now on Robinson Barracks, affectionately dubbed RB apparently. Temp housing it is but we don't care. :) Ronnie and Neeley have requested a feast of spaghetti tonight and I couldn't agree more after having to live on fast food for the past three weeks. We have settled everything with the finance office so now we can venture out. Ronnie works tonight and probably tomorrow night but we think he is off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. We are planning to take Neeley to the Wilhelma Zoo & Botanical Gardens that day and then that evening they are having a huge 4th of July festival on Patch Barracks for all of us so we will go to that too.

Anyway, better run for now. Sorry so short but we had almost an entire household to move out of the hotel and we just now finished. There is so much paperwork that goes along with that since it is a military move and funded by the military. What a mess! Now we're off to buy a good mattress pad since we are on those government issued mattresses for the next few weeks. Let's hope it won't be for too long but will keep you posted.

We're off to pick up Neeley from her camp and then make it out to RB so we can finish buying a few groceries, cook, eat and have a little bit of family time before Ronnie has to head to PT and then to work. He will have to leave about 5:30 each evening that he works and that is coming quickly.

Will let y'all know how our night in housing goes. It's definitely a little noisier than we are used to since we keep our windows open all the time. There is no air conditioning here so that is something we are getting used to.

I'll also have to share with y'all some of the stories of the foods and drinks we have tried lately. Interesting! :)

More to come later...

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